Adding Setup Requirements to a Quote or Booking

Learn how to add a Setup Requirement to a Quote or Booking so your team know how to setup for your event.

Adding Setup Requirements

Setup Requirements are notes that are applied to the booking and will be displayed on the Event Order (BEO). Learn how to add Setup Requirement Templates to your venues.

  1. Sales > Quotes > Edit Quote or Bookings > Bookings > Edit Booking
  2. Click on Setup Requirements tab within the quote or booking if you have a simple booking or within a session/function if you have a detailed booking 

  3. Click on Add Setup Requirements

  4. Select New to add a new or bespoke setup requirement to this booking
    Note: This note will only be saved to this booking, and not to your list of setup requirements
  5. Select Existing to add a setup requirement from your pre-populated list. You can select as many setup requirements to be added at the same time and then edit them in the next step
    Set Up Requirements
  6. Edit the setup requirement to add in any additional items or text. Editing the setup requirement here will only affect the note for this booking. To change the template, use the link above to amend your setup requirements.

  7. You can expand the text of the setup requirement by adding tables, dot points etc. into the description box.
  8. You can shuffle the order that the setup requirements are displayed on the Event Order (BEO) by clicking on the highlighted 8 dots on the left and dragging them into order. Make sure you click the Save Sort Order button to lock the order in place.
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