Adding rooms to a hotel - Using "Daily Room Rates"

A refresher on allocating Room Types

There are a couple of different ways you can manage rooms and capacities within iVvy.
Just a number: You can add a total number of rooms available such as 100, and then add in individual room types and it will deduct from that total number per night.
Specific rooms: You can add in rooms such as standard and deluxe, and set up a capacity for each room, such as 10 x standard, 5 x deluxe available.
Specific Rooms with Daily Rates: Specific Rooms with daily rates allows you to set different capacities on each day for your rooms, e.g. You may have 10 x standard rooms on monday, and 12 x standard rooms on tuesday. 

Daily Room Rates

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Hotels
  2. Edit the hotel you are setting up rooms for
  3. Click on the rooms tab at the top of the page
  4. Click “Add Room”
  5. Give the room a name as you wish it to appear e.g. Deluxe Villa
  6. Give the room a type e.g. King Suite
  7. Give the room a capacity how many attendees can share in this room. Please note, sharing can only be accomplished if attendees are in the same registration. You cannot share different registrations into a single room.
  8. Nominate whether the room is non-smoking
  9. Insert an image of the individual room if you have one
  10. If you are making commission add in the $ or % amount. This is for internal purposes and you will only see it here.
  11. Nominate whether to charge attendees (this setting is overridden by the hotel settings so if they don’t match this will not be applicable)
  12. Nominate whether the room is tax free or not.
  13. Add a minimum number of nights stay the room must be booked at if applicable
  14. Can extend reservation extends on the dates that you made the hotel available when you set it up. You can set a number of days before and after those dates if you wish attendees to be able to arrive early.
  15. If you wish to make this room available to all tickets, or only specific tickets, change the apply to setting as necessary.
  16. Select whether you want this room to show on the website profile
  17. Click Save
  18. Navigate to the “Daily Room Rates Tab”
  19. Click “Edit Rates” and select the room to add in daily prices and capacities
  20. You will be prompted to add in a default. Fill in the fields and click save.
  21. You will then be able to edit each day individually with price and capacity.

Repeat this process for each room that you need to add.