Adding Reviewers

Before you can begin reviewing your Abstract Submissions, you must add reviewers to your events.

This article assumes you have Enabled Abstracts for your Event and are familiar with Requesting an Abstract.

To add a reviewer to your event:

  1. Navigate within your event to Abstracts > Reviewers
  2. Click on Add Custom Field
  3. Fill in the Form.
    Adding Reviewers
    • Username: This is the username that the reviewer will log in with. We recommend this is set to their email, as it is easy to remember.
    • Password: You will set this for the reviewer then provide it to them outside of iVvy (for security purposes).
    • Group: Whether or not this user belongs to a specific user group (i.e. can only access certain events).
    • Is Required: Does this information have to be filled out to proceed.
    • Abstract themes to review: Which themes do you want this reviewer to be able to review? This is useful for people with specialized knowledge to ensure proper reviews.
  4. Click Save.

Your reviewer can now log in and review submissions when available.