Adding Resources to a Quote or Booking

Learn how to add Resources such as audio visual, theming or staffing to a Quote or Booking.

A resource in iVvy could be audio visual, theming, staffing or equipment for an event. 

Learn more about Creating your Resources here.

To add a resource to your Quote or Booking you will need to edit your Quote or Booking and follow the below path: 

  1. Click on the Sessions Tab
  2. Select the required session and 'Edit
  3. Click on the Resources Tab
  4. Click 'Add Resource' 
  5. Select either: 
    • Internal- This is an Inhouse Resource
    • External- This is a Resource managed by a Third Party Supplier
  6. Select the required resource
  7. Enter the quantity required of this resource
  8. Update the time that this resource is required for, if required
  9. Select the Price Method of Hourly or Daily for a flat rate fee
  10. Check the Estimated Sales Price Per Item
  11. Confirm the Cost Centre the revenue will be allocated to
  12. Confirm the Sale Price Per Item
  13. Add comments should you have any notes you wish to have displayed on the BEO or be internal. If 'Is Private' is No, the comment will pull through onto the BEO. If 'Is Private' is set to Yes then the comment will sit in the quote or booking against the resource for internal purposes. 
  14. Click 'Save'
  15. Repeat the process for each resource required

Adding a Resource to a Quote or Booking