Adding Products to a Session / Function

Products are non-consumable items that you can sell for additional revenue alongside your room hire, food, and beverage, resources and accommodation.

Products can only be added to Detailed Bookings.

Learn how to Add Products to your Venue here.

To add a Product to your Quote or Booking you will need to edit your Quote or Booking and follow the below path: 

  1. Click on the Sessions / Functions Tab
  2. Select the Session / Function to add the Product to and press Edit
  3. Click on Products
  4. Click Add Product
    Select Add Single to add an individual product
    Select Add Multiple to add a range of products
  5. Select the Product from the dropdown menu
  6. Add in the Quantity
  7. Confirm the Cost Centre to allocate the revenue for your reports
  8. Confirm the sales price per item for the product
  9. Press Save