Adding Payment Gateways To Your Event

Add a Payment Gateway to your Event to handle payment of your registrations.

Payment gateways handle how you will manage funds for your registration when a delegate is registering for your event. You have 2 options of gateways: 

  1. Offline: This would be if you wanted to handle payment outside of iVvy i.e. Your accounts to invoice, Direct Debit. This option is also used when you have free tickets. 
  2. Online: This is an online credit card gateway which will process payment during the registration process. Please find a list of available gateways here

To add your payment gateway to your event:

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Event Settings > Payment Gateways Tab
  2. Click 'Add Gateway'
  3. If you have an existing gateway used for a past event that you would like to use again, click 'Existing Gateway'. Alternatively, click 'Add New' and select the gateway of your choice. 
  4. Depending on the gateway, you may need to enter some of the following items.
    Please contact your merchant provider directly who will supply you with this information:

    • Merchant ID

    • Password

    • Access Code

    • Certificate

  5. Click 'Save

Add Gateway

  1. Once you have all of your gateways added, you can edit your gateway to update any of the following: 
    • Client Description: This is what  the customer will see when selecting a payment method. 
    • Available For: This is whether the gateway is available for all. You can have a different gateway available for delegate and exhibitors or Selected Ticket

You can add more than one gateway to your event. If you want both credit card payments and direct deposits, then you can add an online and offline gateway to your event.

Note: If you have delegate and exhibitor registrations but only have a gateway assigned to delegates, exhibitors will have no way to pay and the payment process will be skipped, so make sure that you assign your gateways correctly.