Adding Important Dates to your Diary

Learn how to add Important Dates to appear on your diary such as pubic holidays, school holidays and more.

Important Dates is a feature which allows you to flag important dates on your diary so your team know of major holidays, peak seasons etc.

To add important dates to your diary you will need to have access to this feature in your User Policy. To update your User Policy navigate to: Global Settings > Users > Policies > Edit Policy > View Access Rights for, Global Venue Settings and ensure Important Dates is selected. 

To add a Important Dates navigate to: Global Settings > Venues > Important Dates > Add Important Dates.

Simply complete the below fields to create the Important Date for your Diary: 

Name: Name of the Date that will reflect on your Diary ie, Christmas Day 

This will show as a tool tip when you hover over the important date on your diary. 

This will be the colour of the important date when shown on your Diary. 

Date From:
Start date 

Date To:
End date 

Venues which the Important Date is applicable for.

You can also add an Important Date from your Function Diary by clicking on the Diary Settings Cog > Important Dates: Edit

Important Dates