Adding Images to your Website Pages (Simple Website Editor)

Learn how to add an image to your website using the Simple Website Editor.

The below instructions are exclusive to the Simple Website Editor. If you are trying to add an image to your event website and you are using the Drag & Drop Editor, click here to learn more. 

To add and format the text on your website page

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Website > Website Pages Tab
  2. If the page you are wanting to add an image to does not appear in the page list, click 'Add Page' and select the relevant page i.e Home . 'Add Page' simply means you have not previously added any content to this page. Alternatively 'Edit' existing page.
  3. Insert the cursor where you wish to add the image
  4. Click on the insert image icon and then when the screen prompt comes up click 'Browse Server'
  5. If the image is already uploaded to the server scroll through until you find it and click 'Select Image'. Alternatively, click on the “Add Image” at the top of the screen, and select the image off your local computer to upload to add to your website. Once the image is uploaded you can click “Select Image” and it will take you back to the configure image page.
  6. You can change the width and the height of the image directly in the Image Properties dialog box. To give an image empty space around its border, enter the number of pixels into the Horizontal and Vertical Space fields.
  7. To wrap text around the image, select either a 'left' or 'right' ‘alignment’ and click on 'OK'
  8. Click on the 'Save' button, which will take you back to the listing page of all of the website pages. 

Add image to simple website