Adding Google Analytics to your Booking Engine

The iVvy Booking Engine has the ability to track your leads and opportunities through Google Tag Manager and Campaigns using Google’s UTM Tags and Campaign URL Builder.

To use Google Analytics on your booking engine, you will first need to create and setup a Google Analytics Account

During the setup of your account, you will be able to list all of the campaign sources used. For example, you may wish to add your Booking Engine URL to your Website, Social Media Platforms, and 3rd Party Affiliate Sites. Using the Google UA Code, you will be able to track where your customers launched the Booking Engine and track these campaign sources in iVvy.

Once you have setup your account, you will receive a GTM and UA code that will need to be added to your Booking Engine

  1. Navigate to Global Settings > Venues > Booking Engines

  2. Edit your Booking Engine. If you have not setup a Booking Engine, please contact for assistance. Learn more about Creating your Booking Engine

  3. Scroll down to the Google Analytics Section and add in your 
    Google Tag Manager Code - this will begin with GTM-
    Google Analytics Code - this will begin with UA-

  4. Press Save

  5. Copy your Booking Engine URL into a Campaign URL builder such as

  6. Add in the mandatory fields
    Campaign Source
    Campaign Medium
    Campaign Name

    Optional fields
    Campaign Term 
    Campaign Content
  7. This will create a unique URL that can be hyperlinked within your source.

Adding Google Analytics

Once your Booking Engine is Live on your platforms, you will begin to receive enquires labelled as Opportunities in the system.

To track the source of opportunities

  1. Navigate to Sales > Opportunities (or Unassigned Opportunities depending on your Space Allocation Rules)

  2. Click on Set Columns

  3. Ensure that Campaign Source has been ticked

Tracking Source of Opportunities