Adding Global Contact Filters

iVvy gives you the ability to create specific search filters to allow you to find Contacts that meet specific set of criteria.

  • Should you wish to take advantage of this functionality please email to have it activated in your account. 
  • Once activated you can use the Filters to search for Contacts in your CRM or apply to your Events to create an invite list. 

To create a Contact Filter

1. Navigate to Global Settings > Contacts & Companies > Filters.

2. Click Add Filter.

3. Give the filter a name that will remind you and your team of what it represents when using it in the CRM or Events module.

4. Chose if the filtering should apply AND/OR logic when finding contacts

Note: Selecting how the filtering conditions will be compared.  For example: First Name = David AND Age > 25 will only find anyone called David with an age greater than 25 however if it was First Name = David OR Age > 25 the filter will find all contacts named David and all contacts aged greater than 25.  

5. Move to the Filter Conditions Tab to apply your filtering criteria.

6. Click Add Filter Condition.

7. Giver the filter condition a name.

8. Chose the Field Type you wish to search on.

Standard Field: These are all the iVvy standard contact fields in your contact CRM that will allow you to search on First Name; Last Name; Email; Secondary Email and Mobile Phone. 

Custom Field: Are any Custom Contact Fields added to your contact CRM.  To learn how to add custom fields click here

Other Field: Will give you the opportunity to search in particular Subscription Groups (to learn how to use Subscription Groups please read this article) or for criteria for events: Has Registered; Has not Registered; Has RSVP'd or Has not RSVP'd. 

9. Chose the Operator Function you wish to use to identify the contacts you are looking for. 

  • Equals
  • Does Not Equal
  • Is greater Than
  • Is Great Than or Equal To
  • Is Less Than
  • Is Less Than or Equal To
  • Contains
  • Does Not Contain
  • Is Empty
  • Is Not Empty

10. Select the Value Type

Text - Allows you to enter a text value to be used with the Contains or Does Not Contain functions.

Integra - Will allow you to enter a numerical value if looking for Equal to functions.

Select - Use this when working with Subscription Groups, Events or any Custom Fields that have a single or multiselect that you wish to filter on.

11. Enter your Text or Integra value or select your field.

12. Hit save.

13. you can enter any number of additional filters to refine the data you wish to report upon - just repeat the above steps from point 6 'Add Filter Condition'.

14. Once completed click save.

15. The newly created Contact Filter will be available to you in your CRM to be able to apply in the contacts search filter. 

Contact Filter