Adding Flights to your event

If you would like to organise flights for your delegates, and get them to book them through the iVvy system with the rest of their booking, then you can do so by using the flights feature within iVvy.

The iVvy system supports connecting flights and stopovers for your flights as well.

To add flights to your event:

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Event Settings > Configure tab
  2. Change Include Flights to Yes
  3. Go to Event Setup Travel Flights
  4. Click on “Add”
  5. You will be given four options
    1. Departing Flight
    2. Returning Flight
    3. Departing Connection
    4. Returning Connection
      Select the relevant option. Departing and returning connections should as a rule be created through the original flight, so most of the time you will not use either of the connection flights from here.
  6. Each of the flight types have the same fields, just different orders. 
  7. Type in departing and arriving locations.
  8. If you wish to add in the carrier and flight information for the flight that you have booked your block on, you can do so. This provides the delegate with their flight that they will be on.
  9. Insert in the amount of seats you have organised on the flight
  10. Ticket Cost ($): Insert in the price the tickets cost yourself (this is for internal purposes only and will not be available to delegates. if you are not making commissions on travel, you can insert the same price you are charging the delegate.
  11. Ticket Price ($): Insert the price you are charging the delegate
  12. Select whether the ticket is tax free
  13. Visa Required & Password Required fields are for international flights. If you need this information when confirming the bookings, change these to “YES”. The delegate will be requested to upload a copy of the requested documents.
  14. Travel Instructions: If you have any extra instructions you would like to add to their itinerary, you can add them here.
  15. Send Confirmation Emails: