Adding Discount Vouchers To An Event

Learn how to create a Discount Voucher for your Event Registrations or Tickets.

Discount Vouchers allow you to give attendees codes to redeem so they can receive a discount for their registration without you having to show any discounted prices on your event website.

Discount vouchers can apply to a registration as a whole (which is the total of all purchase such as ticket + ticket extras + sessions + accommodation) or can be applied to just the ticket itself. They can also be set as a percentage discount or just a $ amount.

To add a discount voucher to your event:

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Discounts
  2. Click 'Add Voucher'
  3. Complete the following fields: 
    • Code: This is the code that you will give to the attendee registering to redeem
    • Assigned to:
      • If you select registrations, the amount or percentage will apply to the whole amount of the registration.
      • If you select tickets, you will be given a list of tickets in which the discount can be allocated to. If it applies to all, you will need to tick all tickets. The amount or percentage will apply to the ticket price only. This will also allow you to discount multiple tickets in a singular registration, whereas the registrations discount will only discount the total amount of the whole registration, not each individual ticket.

        Further options are required when applying discounts by tickets:
        • # Tickets: This is the number of individual tickets within a registration that the discount can apply to. e.g. if a total of 10 tickets are purchase, if this field #ticket has a 2 in it. 2 out of the 10 tickets will receive a discount and the rest will be charged at a normal price.
        • #Override Group Ticket Costs: Select “Yes” if you wish the discount to come off the standard price of the ticket, Otherwise if they get a “further” discount off the “group discount” set to “No”
        • #Overwrite Early Bird Costs: Select “Yes” if you wish the discount to come off the standard price of the ticket. Otherwise if they get a “further” discount as well as the “early bird” discount set to “No”. 
    • Discount: Select whether the discount is a $ or % amount and fill in the relevant percentage or dollar amount that is discounted.
    • Expire Date:  You can set an expiry date that the code no longer works after
    • Max # Uses: The number of registrations that this discount code can be used on.
  4. Click 'Save'

Add Discount to Event