Adding Custom Fields to a Quote/Contract Template

Learn how to add custom fields to your templates so information merges onto your document from your Quotes and Bookings.

Custom fields can be added to your HTML Documents so that information merges onto your document from your Quote or Booking. 

To Insert a Custom Field into your Document Template in either a PDF or E-Document version, please follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to: Setup > Template > Document Templates.

  2. Add Template (or can edit a existing one).

  3. Select the Template you would like - Generic Templates are a great place to start as it has already pre-populated key element to assist you.  

    Create Template
  4. In the tool bar select the button 'Options Available' button. This icon is a keyboard with a hand typing. Placeholder Icon 

    1. The pop up box will allow you to insert the Custom Fields to a HTML Template.

      Note: You will need to click the cursor where you want to insert the field before selecting your Custom Field. 

      Add Placholder- Quote Contract



      The fields available to you to add to a Quote or Contract in a PDF or E-document version are as follows;

      General Fields:

      General fields are just a singular input into the document.

      The following custom fields are included:

      Current Date/Time

      Current Date

      Date of Issue

      Currency Symbol

      Event Name

      Reference Code

      Purchase Order Number

      Start Date

      Start Date Full 

      Start Time of Booking

       End Date  

      End Date Full 

      End Time of Booking

        Event Dates

      Event Date Description

      Total Delegates

      Package Name

      Package Description 

      Package Large Description 

      Package Cost (Per Person)

      Total Package Cost

      Total Package Cost Ex Tax

      Booked By

      Booked By Email Address

      Booked By Job Title

      Booked By Phone Number

      Sales Person Full Name

      Sales Person Email

      Sales Person Job Title

      Sales Person Phone

      Contact/Company Name

      Venue Name

      Venue Description

      Venue Phone

       Venue Fax

      Venue Email

      Venue ABN

      Venue Website

      Venue Address Line 1

      Venue Address Line 2

      Venue Address Line 3

      Venue Address Line 4

      Venue Address City

      Venue Address State

      Venue Address Country

      Venue Address Postal Code

      Event Dates

      Accommodation Room Nights 

      Accommodation Start Date

      Accommodation End Date

      Accommodation Dates

      Accommodation Cut Off Date

      Accommodation Cancellation Date

       Accommodation Charging Method

      Accommodation Guarantee Required

      Event Number Days

      Deposit Amount

      Deposit Due Date

      Package Estimate

      Accommodation Total

      Space Hire Total

      Space Hire Total Ex Tax

      Space Hire Package Total

      Catering Total

      Catering Total Ex Tax

      Resource Total

      Resource Total Ex Tax

      Product Total

      Product Total Ex Tax

      Event Total

      Event Total Ex Tax


      Total Ex Tax

      Campaign Name

      Campaign Code 

      Campaign Description

      Company Cancellation Policy

      Accommodation One in X Complimentary

      Accommodation Max Complimentary Rooms

      BEO #

      IATA Number

      Expiry Date

      Reservation Method

      Accommodation Reservation Cancellation Date

      Accommodation Arrival Method

      Block ID

      Average ADR (Blocked)

      Average ADR (Forecast)

      Average ADR (Contracted)

      Average ADR (Actual)

      Min Spend Food

      Min Spend Beverage

      Min Spend Audit Visual

      Min Spend Room Hire

      Min Spend Food & Beverage

      Min Spend Food, Beverage & Room Hire 

      Min Spend Sessions

      Min Spend Booking




      Block Fields:

      Block fields create a table of information based around the block of information you are selecting. 

      The following custom fields are included:





      Estimated Totals


      Package Inclusions

      Accommodation Days

      Estimated Budget Outline

      Estimated Budget Outline Ex. Tax *Payment Terms Room Descriptions
      Release Schedule Food Beverages Venues
      **Signature **Dual Signature Summary Items Summary Items Ex Deposit
      Campaign Discount % amounts Multi Accommodation Rooms (Blocked) Multi Accommodation Rooms (Actual) Multi Accommodation Rates (Blocked)
      Multi Accommodation Rates (Actual) Reservations    

      Note: The * shows for Contracts only / ** shows for E-Documents only 

      Booking Note Block Fields:

      Booking Note Block fields create a table of information based around the block of information you are selecting.  

      The following merge fields are included:

      All Departments Note

      Audio Visual Note

      Bellman / Van Service Note

      Billing Instructions Note

      Booking Note

      Car Parking Note

      Couriers Note

      Dietary Requirements Note

      Engineering Note

      Food & Beverage Note

      Front Office Note

      Group Profile Note

      Housekeeping Note

      Internet Note

      Lead Note

      Luggage Services Note

      Onsite Contact Note

      Onsite Contractors Note

      Reservations Note

      Room Drops Note

      Sales Office Note

      Security Note

      Set-up Note

      Signage Note

      Signatories Note

      Suppliers Note

      Transfers Note

      VP Guest Note

      Booking Contact Fields:

      Booking Contacts are a singular input of detail about a contact into the document.
      The following merge fields are included:

      Find out more about Creating Custom Fields for Contacts and Contact Descriptions.

      Main Contact Organisation business Number

      Main Contact Organisation 

      Main Contact Full Name

      Main Contact Email

      Main Contact Phone

      Main Contact Organisation Address

      Main Contact Organisation Address Multiple Lines

      Main Contact Organisation Address Line 1
      Main Contact Organisation Address Line 2 Main Contact Organisation Address Line 3 Main Contact Organisation Address Line 4 Main Contact Organisation Address City
      Main Contact Organisation Address State Main Contact Organisation Address Country Main Contact Organisation Address Postal Code Main Contact First Name

      Main Contact Last Name

      Main Contact Fax

      Main Contact Company ABN

      Main Contact - Address
      Main Contact - Address Multiple Lines ***Custom Contact Fields **Custom - Contact Organisation business Number **Custom - Contact Organisation

      **Custom - Contact Full Name

        **Custom - Contact Email

      **Custom - Contact Phone **Custom - Contact Organisation Address
      **Custom - Contact Organisation Address Multiple Lines  **Custom -  Contact Organisation Address Line 1  **Custom -  Contact Organisation Address Line 2  **Custom -  Contact Organisation Address Line 3
       **Custom -  Contact Organisation Address Line 4 **Custom -  Contact Organisation Address City  **Custom -  Contact Organisation Address State

       **Custom -  Contact Organisation Address Country

       **Custom -  Contact Organisation Address Postal Code  **Custom - Contact First Name **Custom - Contact Last Name **Custom - Contact Fax
      **Custom - Contact Company ABN      

      Note: The ** shows that you can add in your additional custom contact fields. *** shows custom Contact Descriptions.