Adding Buttons to your Event Website

Learn how to add buttons to your event website using the liquid web editor.

Buttons allow you to add a call to action to your website to link to an internal or external page, email or to download a file if you wish.

Add a Button

  1. View the event you wish to edit 
  2. Navigate to Event Setup > Website > 'Website Pages' tab > Edit the website page you wish to add dynamic content to.

  3. Click the 'Content' tab on the toolbar >Click 'Static' 

  4. Click and drag a 'Section' to where you want the content to be placed. A section is what defines where our content can be located.
  5. Drag & drop the 'Button' element into the section you added in Step 4. 
  6. Hover over the element and click the pencil to edit or the arrows to move the element around your page. When editing you will be able to update the following under the Content Tab: 
    • Button Label: This is the text which will show on the button
    • Button Link Type: Select if you would like you button to link to an internal website page, an external page i.e external URL or a website file. 
      Note: To learn how to add a website file, click here
  7. Click the 'Style' tab to update alignment, text colour, background, width, border, padding etc. 
  8. Click 'Apply and Close'
  9. Remember to 'Save' your website page. 

Adding Buttons