Adding Booth Options to an exhibitor registration

If an exhibitor contacts you after completing their registration, and wishes to add a booth option, then you can add an option to their registration and then organise payment.

To add booth options to an exhibitors registration:

  1. Navigate to: Manage Registrations > Exhibitor Registrations
  2. Edit the relevant exhibitor registration
  3. Click on the “Booths Options” Tab
  4. Select “Add Option”
  5. Select the option from the dropdown, how many the exhibitor requires, and the cost they are being charged and save.
  6. Depending on if the exhibitor has already paid their registration or not, there will be a new invoice or additional costs added to the original invoice.
    If you wish to take payment on the telephone, refer to: “Paying an invoice” or you can direct the exhibitor to log back into their registration and clicking on the pay link. 
Adding Booth Options to an exhibitor registration