Adding Attendees To An Exhibitor Registration

At any time, an exhibitor may choose to bring an extra person to exhibit with them on the day of the event.  Exhibitors are unable to add extra attendees to their registration via the login once they have completed their login.  However they can contact you as the administrator and ask for your assistance to add an attendee to their registration.

To add an attendee to an exhibitor registration:

  1. Navigate to: Manage Registrations > Exhibitor Registrations
  2. Edit the relevant exhibitor registration
  3. Navigate to the “Attendees” tab
  4. Click “Add Attendee”
  5. If the contact is already in your system from a previous event you can opt to select an existing contact and search for them via email, and this will autofill their data for you, otherwise select “new contact”
  6. Select the ticket that is being allocated to the new attendee
  7. Fill in the relevant information, email, name, mobile.
  8. Click Save
  9. If there are any charges involved, direct the exhibitor to log in to pay the extra amount, or you can take the payment on the telephone. Refer “Paying an invoice” for more information. 
Adding Attendees To An Exhibitor Registration