Adding an Invitation Manager to an Event

Once you have created your invitation managers, you can add them to an event (simple events only). The invitation manager will then have access to invite contacts to that event. They will only be able to see and invite their contacts to events that you have added them too.

Adding an invitation manager to an event

  1. Edit the (simple) event that you wish to add the invitation manager to
  2. Navigate to: Manage Registrations > Invitations > Invitation Managers
  3. Click “Add Invitation Managers”. You will be given an option to add “new” or “existing”. If you are adding an invitation manager that is already added to your system for previous events or through the users section, then you can select existing, otherwise you can select new. If you select new, then this invitation manager will be selected from “existing” for future events as they are now in your database.
  4. The invitation manager should now be showing in your list.