Adding an image or text to your website (Drag & Drop Editor)

Learn how to add images to your Event Website using our drag and drop editor.

Adding text or an image to your website in the Liquid Website Builder is a fluid quick process intended to make the design process easier for the user. 

Please find recommended image sizes below: 

  • Static Event Banner– 1920px for full screen banner or 1140px for content width Banner
  • Dynamic Event Banner- Calendar: 1920 x 380 pixels or Countdown event banner: 1920 x 550 pixels
  • General Images:
    • Static Image – 1140px wide to fill space
    • Static Image – 2 columns 570px wide + client’s desired height
    • Static Image – 3 columns 380px wide + client’s desired height
    • Static Image – 4 columns 285px wide + client’s desired height
  • Speaker Images – 262 x 262 px
  • Sponsor Logos – 128px x 97px

To add text or an image to your website

  1. Edit the event that you wish to add the content to
  2. Navigate to Event Setup > Website > Website Pages > Edit the page you wish to add the content to.
  3. On the left, click the 'Content' tab > Click on the 'Static' section to drop down the available options.
  4. Click and drag a 'Section' to where you want the content to be placed. A section is what defines where our content can be located.
  5. Hover over the section and click the pencil icon to edit. Here you will be able to update the columns of your section. You will be able to drag content into each column. For example if you want 3 images side by side, you will update your section to be 3 columns. 
  6. Next, click and drag a Text or Image element into that section. A blue box will appear to tell you that you can successfully drop the element.
  7. Now that you have an element on the page, to edit hover over the element and select the pencil to edit. 
  8. Select, 'From Image Library' from the Upload Image drop down > Click 'Select from image library' > Add Image > Choose File > Tag the Image > Save > Once loaded, click 'Select Image' 
  9. If you are adding text, there will be a style tab that allows you to set the default styling of the content area, such as font, size and this will just apply to that text box.
  10. Continue to add images and edit your website. Once happy with your changes, click 'Save'  before you exit. 

Add Image or Text to your Website