Adding an Event Template to a Booking or Quote

Event Templates will help you to quickly create quotes and bookings by pre-populating Sessions

To use an Event Template for a quote or booking, you will first need to Create an Event Template.

Once you have created a template: 

  1. Start a new quote or booking

  2. Select a Booking Type (Simple/ Detailed)

  3. Select the required template from the dropdown window

  4. Confirm the price for the template. This will either be a per-person price or a fixed rate depending on how you created the template

  5. When changing the price, the system will automatically reallocate the cost center revenue allocation. You are able to manually reassign revenue as required. You will be prompted with an error if the Sales Price does not total the sum of the cost center allocations

  6. If you wish to include the accommodation block costs within a template, for example, a 24-hour rate, ensure that you select Accommodation Included = YES. This will show the accommodation as included in the template price.

Event Template 1

To add an Event Template to an Existing Booking

  1. Navigate to your Quote or Booking

  2. Click on the Details Tab

  3. Select Has Event Templates = YES

  4. Click Save

  5. Click on Event Templates

  6. Click Add Event Template

Event Template 2