Adding a Video to your Event Website

Learn how to add a Youtube or Vimeo video to your Event Website.

iVvy allows you to embed Youtube and Vimeo videos on your event website for a more interactive media to advertise their event.

Add a Video to your Event Website

  1. View the event you wish to edit 
  2. Navigate to Event Setup > Website > 'Website Pages' tab > Edit the website page you wish to add the video to.

  3. Click the 'Content' tab on the toolbar >Click 'Static' 

  4. Drag & drop the 'Section' element onto your website page where you would like your video to display. 
  5. Drag & drop the 'Video' element into the Section which you added in Step 4. 
  6. Hover over the element and click the pencil to edit or the arrows to move the element around your page. When editing you will be able to update the following: 
    • Video Type: Select between Youtube or Vimeo
    • Ratio: Select the video ratio between 16:9 or 4:3
    • Video ID:
      • Youtube: Copy the information from the URL after
      • Vimeo: Copy the information from the URL after
  7. Click 'Apply and Close'
  8. Remember to 'Save' your website page. 

Add a Video to event website