Adding a Twitter Feed to your event

Learn how to add a twitter feed to your Event Website.

Add a Twitter Feed to your Event

  1. View the event you wish to edit 
  2. Navigate to Event Setup > Website > 'Website Pages' tab > Edit the website page you wish to add dynamic content to.

  3. Click the 'Content' tab on the toolbar >Click 'Dynamic' 

  4. Drag & drop the 'Twitter' element onto your website page. 
  5. Hover over the element and click the pencil to edit or the arrows to move the element around your page. When editing you will be able to update the following: 
    • Background Color: If you wish to set a background color for the twitter feed, you can do so in the background color field.
      Note: This will span the entirety of the page, not just the content width.
    • Heading: This is the text that appears above the feed itself. It can be changed to wording of your choice.
    • Sub heading: If you want to put some smaller text under the heading, then you can enter it into the sub heading.
    • #Hashtag -> This is the hashtag that you want to pull in your feed for
      #Handle -> This is the handle that you want to pull in your feed for.
  6. Click 'Apply and Close'
  7. Remember to 'Save' your website page. 

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