Adding a Subscription Form to your Event

Learn how to add a Subscription Form to your event website.

Subscription forms in iVvy are a common way of subscribing to a mailing list. When a person puts their name into a subscription form on your website, they automatically go into your contact database into a mailing group (such as a newsletter) without actually registering for attendance of any type of event.

Users will firstly need to set up a subscription group. Click here to learn how to setup a Subscription Group. Once the Subscription Groups are setup; 

  1. Events > Edit Event 
  2. Event Setup > Website > Website Pages > Edit page you want the Subscription Form on 
  3. Click the 'Content' Tab on the left hand side > 'Dynamic
  4. Drag and Drop the 'Subscribe' element onto your page
  5. Hover over the element and click the pencil icon in the top right hand corner
  6. Complete/ Update the following: 
    • Background Colour: If you would like to update the background of the element to match your website, select or add in a Hex code. 
    • Heading: The heading that will appear on your event website. 
    • Sub heading: A sentence underneath the main heading
    • Add to subscription group: Select the group from the drop down, this is why the group need to be created first before proceeding.
    • Send confirmation Email: If this is turned to yes, then a email notification will appear in notifications for subscriptions that the user can configure.
    • Form Submit Success Message: This is the message that pops up momentarily at the top of the screen when someone fills in the form.
  7. Click 'Apply and Close'
  8. Click 'Save' on your website page to save your updates. 

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