Adding a Session / Function to a Booking or Quote

Sessions / Functions are the building blocks of a detailed booking and help you to prepare the agenda for your booking. Sessions / Functions also hold all the detailed information to share with your teams.

Sessions / Functions contain the following information:

  • The Name of the Session / Function - This helps build the agenda for the event. Examples include Pre-Dinner Drinks, Lunch, Meeting, Reception, Breakfast, Ceremony etc.

  • The Space being used and Space Layout Type

  • The Number of Attendees for the session / function

  • The date and Start/End time of the session / function

  • Setup and packdown time of the session / function

  • Space Hire/Room Rental price for each session / function

  • Signage detail (for tentative and confirmed bookings only)
  • The Food and Beverage being served in the session / function

  • Any Resources required for the room

  • Setup Requirements and particular notes for the session / function

At a minimum, you will need to add one session / function per function space used for your quote/booking. For example, if you had an event that needed 1 main room and 2 other rooms for breakout sessions / functions, you would need to add in 3 x Sessions.

If you find you are creating the same sessions / functions regularly, you may benefit from setting up Event Templates which enable you to pre-populate multiple sessions with included menus, beverages, resources and setup requirements.

To Add a Session

  1. Click on the Sessions / Functions Tab

  2. Click Add Session / Function

  3. Give the Session / Function a Name. Best practise is to name the session / function like you would the agenda item for the day.

  4. If you are using Session / Function Types and Statuses select these
  5. Confirm the total attendees attending this session / function

  6. Select a space for this session / function to be held in, and select the space layout type. Select Custom to free type how you want the room setup

  7. Select the Date for the individual session / function

  8. Confirm the Start and End Time (by checking 'All Day' you can quickly block the space from midnight to midnight to secure a whole day)

  9. Confirm the optional Setup and Packdown time. Enter this as a number of minutes eg 60

  10. Select if you are going to charge for the hire/rental for this space. Select Enter a Price to charge, or No Cost Associated for no charge. 

  11. If charging, select the Room Hire Plan that you wish to pull the prices from. Learn more about Setting up your Room Hire Plans

  12. Select the Price Type. This can be either Minimum Spend, Hourly, Half Day, Full Day or Night Rate. See additional details about Minimum Spends below.

  13. The System will then show you the Estimated Price based on the Room Hire Plan selected. This will be automatically populated into the Space Hire Price. You can choose to accept this price, or manually override this to apply a discount or increase the price as required.

Adding Session

Minimum Spend

If selecting Minimum Spend, the Minimum Spend will be pre-filled based on your Room Hire/Rental Plan, or you can manually set the price here.

Next to Revenue, select the cost centres that will contribute to the customer meeting your minimum spend.

Under Space Hire Price, only enter a price if you are charging for Room Hire/Rental IN ADDITION to the Minimum Spend, otherwise, add the price as zero.

Example 1.
Minimum Spend for your venue is $5000 on Food and Beverage. Set the Price Type as Minimum Spend and the Minimum Spend Value as $5000 and tick Food and Beverage. Leave the Space Hire Price as $0

Example 2.
Minimum Spend for your venue is $5000 and you also charge $1000 Room Hire/Rental. Set the Price Type as Minimum Spend and the Minimum Spend Value as $5000 and tick Food and Beverage. Set the Space Hire Price as $1000. Once you add $5000 of F&B Spend to your quote, an additional $1000 room hire/rental will be added, making the total minimum cost of this quote $6000.Anchor



Navigating your Sessions / Functions

Once you have created your first session / function you will find yourself “IN” the session / function. You will know that you are in a session / function by the visible tabs across the screen:

  • Session / Function Name

  • Food & Beverage

  • Resources

  • Products

  • Notes

  • Setup Requirements

You can navigate back “OUT” of a session / function at any time by clicking the Breadcrumb hyperlink that will be the name of your quote/booking. You can return to a session / function by selecting the session / function and clicking on EDIT.

Session Navigation

Session / Function Shortcuts

Copy Sessions / Functions
If you have multiple similar sessions / functions to setup, you are able to copy sessions. First, add all of the required items using the steps below, then select the session / function and click on COPY. Here you can copy the session / function to the same or different day, time and space.

Copy Session

Edit Multiple Sessions / Functions (Or Multiple Items of a session / function
Once you have copied a session / function, you can select the copied session / function and click edit multiple. Here you can edit the space and layout, the contact, the start and end time, number of attendees, and the event template being used for the session / function along with the type and status of the session and the signage information. 

Edit Multiple