Adding a Pay Now Button to Invoices

Learn how to add a 'Pay Now' button to your invoices so clients can easily view their invoice and pay straight away via credit card.

iVvy allows you to connect your invoices and booking engine with an Online Gateway. The Online Gateway acts as a secure and PCI compliant connection between the invoices you generate from iVvy, and your bank account. 

Find out more about our available Online Gateways

To set up an Online Gateway in iVvy:

  1. Navigate to Venue Setup > Billing & Taxes > Gateways

  2. Click and hover over Add Gateway > New
    If you are unable to see our list of gateways, please contact to have these added to your account.

  3. Select the Gateway of your choice
    Online Payment Gateway

  4. Depending on the gateway, you may need to enter some of the following items.
    Please contact your merchant provider directly who will supply you with this information:
    - Merchant ID
    - Password
    - Access Code
    - Certificate

  5. Navigate to Setup > Venue Details; Scroll to the bottom and under “Show pay now button select” YES
    Pay Now Button

  6. Save this page and your pay now button will be displayed.

Note: If the section to manually write in the Credit Card details still appears, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Payments / Billing & Taxes > Payment Gateways

  2. Edit the Offline Payment Gateway

  3. Under the section “Accept Credit Cards” select NO. This will remove this section from your invoice, as you will now be taking payment through the online gateway

How to Test your Pay Now Button:

To test your gateway and to reconcile the payment through iVvy, your merchant and your credit card we suggest the following:

  1. Create a test booking in your name

  2. Add in $1 of revenue. This can be room hire, F&B, Resource or an Additional Item

  3. Navigate to Statement > Payment Terms

  4. Add or edit a payment term for $1 due today

  5. Click on the Statement > Statement tab

  6. Add in the invoice for $1 from the payment term you just created

  7. Select the invoice and press EMAIL to send this to any other stakeholders who need to see or pay the invoice

  8. If you want to pay the invoice right away, click on VIEW

  9. You will now see the Pay Now button on the bottom right of the invoice. Click on Pay Now and this will take you through the process of entering your credit card details in the system

Once the invoice has been paid, it will send the Sales Person and the Event Coordinator assigned to the booking an email to state that the invoice has been paid. The invoice will also be automatically changed to paid in the statement tab.

Note: If you want your bookings to automatically have their status changed from Tentative to Confirmed once an invoice has been paid, navigate to Setup > Venue Details; Scroll to the bottom and select “Auto update opportunity and booking status” = YES