Adding a Menu to a Quote or Booking

Learn how to add a menu to a Quote or a Booking

You can add as many menus as required, or none if the event does not require catering. Learn more about Creating your Menus.

Navigate to the relevant Quote or Booking and select the Sessions tab if it is a Detailed Booking or the Food & Beverage tab if it is a Simple Booking

Adding a Menu with Per Person Pricing

  1. Edit your Session

  2. Click on the Food & Beverage Tab

  3. Click on Add Menu 

  4. Use the Optional Menu Type Filter to filter your menus by category. This is useful if you have a lot of menus

  5. Select the Menu to add to this Quote

  6. Select the Menu Group headings and Menu Items if known at this stage. If not you can add them later from the Items tab 
  7. Confirm the Name of the Menu - You can override the name for this quote and it will not affect the menu name for other quotes or bookings
  8. Confirm the number of attendees this menu will be catered for

  9. Enter the Serving Start and End time (if known at this stage - it can be updated later).
    Pro Tip: Click the Copy From Session - This will automatically populate the time from the session times you have already loaded.

  10. Check the Estimated Sales Price - This is the Price you have loaded into the system in your setup

  11. Check the Cost Centre that this revenue will be allocated to for your reports

  12. Confirm the Sales Price - You can override the Price to provide a discount or change the price if creating a bespoke menu

  13. Click Save to add this Menu to the Quote

    Simple Booking Menu

Adding a Menu with Menu Items Priced Per Item

When adding in a menu with items priced per item, you will need to complete some additional steps before saving the menu.

  1. Click add menu and select the menu

  2. Click on the Items tab

  3. Click on Add Items and click on Optional Menu Items. This will allow you to select the items that have individual prices

  4. Select the items and enter the quantity. If you add the same quantity of multiple items, you can simply multi-select the items, enter the quantity, and press save. If you are adding in multiple items with different quantities, select them all here and we can edit them in the next step

  5. Leave the Sales Price empty, unless you want to manually enter a price for these items. If left blank, the system will automatically add the price on the next step based on what you have loaded into the system during your menu setup. 

  6. Click "Save"
  7. If required, click EDIT to adjust the quantity and price of any items, and click ADD ITEM again to add additional items.
  8. You will notice that the Estimated Sale Price is calculated based on the quantity and sales price of each item entered - however, the sales price remains at zero.
  9. Click on the Menu tab and enter the Estimated Price into the Sales Price to confirm the revenue for this menu. Of course, you can override this price to provide a discount or create a bespoke menu price.
  10. Click "Save"
Adding a menu with individual pricing