Adding Booking Notes

Adding a New, Internal or Default Booking Note to a Quote or Booking

Adding Booking Notes

Booking notes are the most efficient way to add recurring notes to your event orders. Learn how to setup Default Booking Notes so that you can have custom templated notes ready to apply to your bookings.

  1. Sales > Quotes > Edit Quote or Bookings > Bookings > Edit Booking
  2. Click on the Notes tab within the quote or booking if you have a simple booking or within a session if you have a detailed booking 

  3. Click on Add Note
    Select Add New for a New Note
    Select Add Internal Note for a Note that will NOT display on the Event Order
    Select Add From Default Notes to select from your pre-populated list
    booking notes

  4. Edit the note as required for the booking

  5. Select where the note will be applied to. If you have used a Default Booking Note, the selection will be automatically selected for you.
    Note: if you do not assign the note to a section of the event order, the note will not be displayed on the event order

  6. If you have selected menu, beverage, session or resource, tick which items the note is to be applied to. You can select multiple items.
    Note: If you do not select an item, the note will note appear on the event order.

  7. Press save

Note: If you have a detailed booking, and not a simple booking, the notes applicable for the session will be listed in the session and all notes in the booking will be listed under the Notes Tab

booking notes 2