Adding a Beverage Package to a Quote or Booking

Learn how to add a Beverage Package to a Quote or Booking

Adding a Beverage Package
Once you have added a Menu, the next step is to add any required Beverage Packages. Like Menus, you can add in as many combinations of beverage packages as you require. Learn more about Creating your Beverage Packages.

  1. Click on the Food & Beverage tab, within the quote or booking if you have a simple booking or within a session if you have a detailed booking 

  2. Click Add Beverage Package

  3. Select the required Beverage Package

  4. Confirm the name. You can override the name for this event and it will not change the name of this beverage package for any other quote or booking

  5. If you have selected a per hour beverage package, select if the package is to be charged hourly or daily, and for how many hours

  6. Confirm the Total Attendees this Beverage Package will be catering for

  7. Confirm the Start and End Time for the package.
    Note: Click the Copy from Session Button

  8. Check and confirm the Estimated Sale Price against the Sales Price and override as required. The cost centre will default to the cost centre that was setup originally and can be changed as required.

  9. Click on the Items tab to view, add or amend the items that will be included as part of this package

  10. Click Save

adding a beverage menu