Activities and the Activity Calendar

Learn how to track your Activities in iVvy

An activity in iVvy is a way to track your communication (calls, emails or meetings) with a client. 

Activities in iVvy serve two purposes:

  • To track and report on the sales activities undertaken to secure and convert your business

  • To create a visual display of your site inspections and activities in the Sales > Calendar. This calendar can be Synced with Outlook so that all activities entered into iVvy display in your day to day calendar. Note: The Activities that you enter will not be displayed in the main Diary.

An activity can be adding in the following areas:

  • Global Contacts > Contacts > Activities

  • Global Contacts > Companies > Activities

  • Sales > Activities

  • Sales > Calendar - Click on your calendar to create an entry

  • Under the Activities tab of a Lead, Opportunity, Quote or Booking

This article will cover the following:

Activity Fields

Adding an activity via an Opportunity

Adding an activity via a Booking

Adding an activity directly into the activities tab

Adding activities through the activities calendar

Adding activities through a Company or Contact

Reporting on your Activities


Activity Fields

When creating an activity you will be prompted to enter the following details:

  • Associate With - When adding an activity from Sales > Activities or Sales > Calendar you will need to associate the activity to a:
    Opportunity - You can create the activity and assign directly to an existing opportunity
    Contact - You can assign the activity to an existing or new contact
    Company - You can assign the activity to an existing or new company

  • Activity Name - Give the activity an identifiable name

  • Type: This field can be set to

  • Purpose: The Purpose helps to segment and report on your activities. You can create your own Purposes by navigating to Global Settings > CRM > Activity Purposes

  • Starting/Ending: This can be used to specify the date/time range if, for example, a site visit or networking event.
    Note: A date and time must be added for the activity to appear in the Activity Calendar

  • Location: Use this optional field when referring to onsite visits or external events

  • Team Member: This field assigns the Activity to a Team Member

  • Description: For any additional notes you can include them in this field

AnchorAdding an activity via an Opportunity 

  1. Navigate to Sales > Opportunities and edit an Opportunity

  2. Click on the Activities tab across the top of the screen

  3. Click “Add Activity” and fill in the relevant fields.

    Activities Via Opportunity

AnchorAdding an activity via a Quote/Booking

  1. Navigate to Sales > Quotes > edit a Quote or Bookings > Bookings and edit a Booking

  2. Click on the Activities tab across the top of the screen
  3. Click “Add Activity” and fill in the relevant fields.

    Activities Via Booking

AnchorAdding an activity directly into the activities tab

The activities tab will show you all activities for all bookings, so it is a good place for reference on available times when booking in new activities.

  1. Navigate to Sales > Activities

  2. Click on Add Activity

  3. Enter in the required fields

    Activities Via Acitivities Tab

AnchorAdding activities through the activities calendar

The activities calendar is a visual representation of your activities that have a date and time attached. You can add activities through the calendar also by navigating to:

  1. Sales > Calendar

  2. Search for the date that you are wishing to add via the date search box. 

  3. Dragging across the dates you wish to make the booking

  4. Fill in the necessary information. 

  5. Learn how to Sync the Activity Calendar with Outlook

    Activities Via Calendar

AnchorAdding activities through a Company or Contact

Activities can be associated to a Company or Contact and it is possible to view all assigned Activities as well as adding new activities against a specific Company or Contact. 

  1. Navigate to Contacts at the top of your screen

  2. Click on either Contact or Company

  3. Edit the contact or company

  4. Click the Activity Tab > Add Activity

  5. Fill in the necessary information. 
    Activities Via Contact

AnchorReporting on your Activities

There are currently two reports in iVvy to track your Activities; the Detailed Sales Activity Report and the Sales Activity Summary Report. These can be found by going to Reports & Budgets > Reports in your venue but it is also available as a Group Report or as a custom report in the Report Builder.

  • Detailed Sales Activity Report
    The Detailed Sales Activity report shows you all information about your Activities and can be filtered by date range and salesperson.

  • Sales Activity Summary Report
    The Sales Activity Summary Report is designed to show you, at a glance, a breakdown of your Activities by Purpose, by Purpose Type and by Team Member