Accessing Commission Figures for your Agents and PCO's

Learn where to access your payable commissions to your Booking Agents and PCO's

If you have assigned an agent to a booking and set commission amounts or percentages for each cost centre, you can access the breakdown of commission due from the Upcoming Bookings Report and the Quote and Booking Forecast Reports

  1. Navigate to Reports & Budgets > Reports > Upcoming Booking Report or Quote and Booking Forecast Report

  2. Click on Set Columns

  3. Select the [Cost Centre] Commission checkbox for each applicable cost centre

This will display the commission amount due for each cost centre for a particular booking. 

Note: The commission amount will not be deducted from the booking revenue, it will just display the amount payable to your selected agent.

Once you have paid the commission to your agent:

  1. Navigate back to your Booking and click on the Details Tab

  2. Select Commission Paid = YES

  3. View the Quote and Booking Forecast Report

  4. Click on Set Columns and select Commission Paid. This will give you a break down of all events that have had the commission paid to the agent.