Abstract Custom Scoring Options

For specific situations a score from 1 to 5 may not be enough, so you can add in your own custom scores

Abstracts may need to be scored in different circumstances of 1 - 5 scoring. In some circumstances, certain criteria may also need different scoring options to others as well. If custom scores are needed for abstracts the instructions below can be followed.*

To create your own Abstract Scoring System:

  1. Navigate to your Global Settings (Cog in the right hand corner next to your name) > Events > Abstract Scores

  2. Click on Add Score and give your scoring system a name

  3. Type in a name that you be relevant to your scoring.

  4. Click Save

  5. Tick your scoring system you just created and click Edit then click the Scores tab and click Add Item

  6. A value needs to be set for each item in the scoring system. As an example, you could enter 1 as the value, and the description could be Worst. This would establish your lowest score available with an adequate description.